Friday, February 20, 2009

Progressing or ADD???

nawwal There are people I know who have worked for the same company in the same job for 20 place years. And I sometimes wonder how people can do that. How can people stay at the same place doing to same thing for so long? There are even people my age who have worked at the same place for 10 years. That is just amazing to me. What would that be like? Me, on the other hand, have worked at a variety of places and done a variety of jobs. The longest I have worked at a place is just over a year and a half which seems to be a pattern in my life. After high school I went to college for two years. After I got my associates I worked for a year and a half, went on a mission for a year and a half. Came home and worked for almost a year and a half, went back to school and finished my bachelors in a year and a half. Then I worked at another job for not quite a year and a half. And if my plans works out like I would like them to, I will be back in school in six months making my current job last a year. I just seem to get restless if I am in a place too long.

However when I was working on my graduate applications my uncle pointed out to me that I have actually been with a company for quite some time. Although it hasn’t always been in the same location doing the same thing I worked off and on for Zions Bank since 2000. For some reason they keep taking me back. Which is odd, looking at my track record I wonder why anyone would want to hire me. When interviewing, I tell my potential employer that I would like to find a place that I can stay at for awhile. Which is true, I don’t just say it to get the job. But after working for a little while I start to feel stagnant and stuck in the same rut and I am not progressing at all, so I go looking for something else that will help me to progress. Usually it involves more education. Its my way to progress and grow. And when I find that cause or something that I want to commit to I will. You know that movie Chocolat. She moves into a town sells chocolate, touches lives, then moves on. I think I can relate.

PS. Generally, immediate answers to prayers are desirable, but maybe not 11:30 at night. Because once I know something is right I have to start acting right away getting things in order. And if its at night there goes all thoughts of sleep.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Cowboy!!


On Friday, my mom and I headed to Rexburg, ID. Of course we were excited to see Bekah and Hannah. But our real reason for going was to see The Bar J Wranglers. A group that sings old country western folk music. There was a fiddler, banjo, few guitars, string bass and yodeling. They sang beautifully. The Bass (singer) was amazing. And I laughed until it hurt.  The whole show was fantastic and worth the trip. And it reminded me of why I love Idaho/Wyoming and a good, cute cowboy.