Thursday, July 4, 2013

feeling trunky

I've been feeling a little trunky lately. Not the homesick kind. The exact opposite. The kind of trunky that has me itching to go somewhere. Somewhere new. Somewhere I've never been. Where the people speak a language I don't understand and the culture and food can only be experienced. The trunkyness is partly due to the time of year. This is the time of year when I am supposed to have my bag packed and be heading off on an adventure to some foreign place. But I am not. And my itching feet know it. They can't help it.

Five years ago this time of year I was here:

Four years ago I was here:

Two years ago I was here:

So you can understand a little bit my need to leave, go somewhere, explore...yes it's a need.

It doesn't help that I have been working like mad to finish up a photo book from my Holy Land adventure five years ago. (almost done) Or that an MPA group left on the China trip that I went on two years ago. And here I am not going anywhere. All well. I will. I can guarantee it.

In spite of having the urge to leave the country. On this Independence Day I am so grateful to live here in America and in a country that we can enjoy so much. I am so grateful to live in country where women are free to get an education and as much education as they want. We are also free to work and travel and worship. God Bless America. Just some things I've been thinking about as I listen to the fireworks outside. I am so blessed to live here. And I love fireworks.