Sunday, October 20, 2013

See how they run…Temple to Temple

I like to fancy myself a runner. But I am probably closer to what you may call a pseudo-runner. I can runner. I even like it most of the time. But I do not run consistently. And I don’t particularly push myself to run certain distances in certain times. I run as far as I like and for as long as a feel like. And I had never run an actual race. I’m not a huge fan of paying to kill myself. And there is something about the word training that causes 60 mph winds and turns my perfectly flat route into 30% grade.  So a few months ago when my sister approached me about doing the Temple to Temple relay with my other siblings, I decided why not. It’s a fun little relay that goes from the Rexburg Temple to the Idaho Falls Temple. Harmless, right? However, as expected, the day I started “training” the winds kicked up and earth shifted. Argh!!! Yes, this was my regular, not-quite- everyday run.  There was one thing that got me over the training hump. One morning while running, the image of running crossing the finish line with my siblings appeared in my head. It actually kind of gave me the chills. And the winds calmed and the nonexistent hill was nonexistent. Training for this was motivating.
The big day happened the end of last month and it was fun…and cold. 
Temple 2 Temple Run