Monday, June 28, 2010

week 6: road trip with #6 and #7

This week is road trip week with a few of my #1s. Actually, they are #6 and #7. But they will always be #1 in my book. We are on our way to Nauvoo, IL for a family reunion. Along the way we we are hitting a few CH sites.  I was the only one of the older bunch who was able to get time off to go on this family vac. The last time we did a trip in this direction (East) I was fourteen and #6 and #7 had not made their entrance into the world yet. Part of the appeal of the trip for me was to be there when they felt humidity for the first time, and watch fire flies dance on the grass, see the flat vastness of Nebraska and the beautiful green hills of Missouri, and cross the broad Mississippi.

We’ve been on the road four days and we have seen:

Wyoming plateaus, a lot of flat but beautiful Nebraska and beautiful rolling green hills of Missouri. (I became a big fan of Missouri this trip. Hot and humid, but charming. When I was little all I remembered were hot and mosquitoes. But now I see how beautiful it is and I like humidity.) We went to Independence and saw the temple lot, the visit center, talked to an apostle from the Church of Christ, and we toured the Community of Christ Temple of Peace. We visited Liberty Jail, Far West and Adam-ondi-ahman. We went to church in Chillicothe. (Charming) We stopped in Marceline, home town of Walt Disney. We ate a super yummy diner at a charming diner in Hannibal. We crossed the Mississippi. And we attended the commemoration of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith at Carthage Jail.  

Details to come…stay tuned.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

remembering Joseph

Today I had the privilege of being in Carthage, IL. And why was today so special compared to any other day? Today is the anniversary date of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith. We were able to attend the commemoration right outside the jail that began at 5:17 pm, the actual time of the death of the prophet.

There were musical numbers and the Nauvoo temple president shared a good message about the life of the prophet.

How special it was to be there with others and think on all that happened there and remember his life. I am so grateful for Joseph’s faithfulness and diligence. Words can’t describe my gratitude for the work he did. And he did it because he knew it was true. He did it for us. And he did it because he loved God.  essay11

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

101 reasons to love summer

3861356732_6938445beb *strawberries*lemonade stands*rodeos*sun up before 6*waking up with the sun*running in the morning*sundresses*fireflies (sadly not in Utah)*wildflowers by the highway*s'mores*summer projects*grilled burgers, steaks, fish, fruit...*summer thunderstorms*the long, lingering daylight hours*fireworks,fireworks,fireworks *parades *smell of fresh cut grass*Independence Day/Fourth of July *watermelon *napping in a hammock *demolition derbies*sunglasses as headbands*the smell of sunscreen*farmer's markets*water skiing/ getting up on one *picnics *daytrips to the lake*whirring vintage fans*swimming *outdoor movies *long hikes *sandcastles *saltwater taffy *camping*ice cream cones*yoga outside *sitting on the porch *swimming out to a floating wooden platform in a lake*Chaco lines on your feet*kids playing in sprinklers*clear skin *horseshoes *a fresh pedicure and sandals*sun-kissed skin*visiting national parks *outdoor concerts *sno-cones *big, floppy hats *canoeing *vacation or staycation*beach towels*the sounds of the ice cream truck*beach bags *braids*eating outside*sleeping in tents *cooking outside *going to a baseball game*fresh homemade salsa *popsicles *sunny days = sunnier moods *blowing bubbles *getting lost in a book for an afternoon *water balloons *car wash fundraisers *blasting the radio with the windows open *BBQs *road trips *corn dogs *frisbee *sun ripened tomatoes*evenings in the mountains *aloe vera *neighbors come outside*gardens*state fairs (and food on sticks)*flea markets and antique fairs *staying inside when you've had too much sun, blasting the a/c, and watching movies*cute modest swimsuits *ultimate Frisbee*strawberry short cake*family reunions *driving with the top down*bike rides*crickets*the sound of lawn mowers*open windows*kids in sunglasses *bare feet*sitting in the shade on a hot day*sound of lake waves or river flowing *blackberries *a cool breeze on a hot day*flip flops*the smoky smell of barbecuing *Dutch oven cooking*relaxed attitudes *wake boarding*spotting hot air balloons *skinny dipping *dogs with their heads out car windows, tongues wagging*bicycles built for two *snorkeling*neighborhood block parties*sun-kissed cheeks.


Did I miss anything?

Monday, June 21, 2010

week 5: rock like a teenie bopper

Confession: As a teenager, I was not one of the those girls that worshipped bands or other music idols. I never had any band memorabilia on my walls, nor did I run out and buy the newest albums. In fact, most of time I had no idea what song belonged to what group. Yes, I was that clueless and I didn’t care. However, if I were thirteen years younger now, I would probably be in love with David Archuleta. He is adorable.

Saturday, I drove with my mom and sisters to Rexburg, and joined the many other screaming fans at the David Archuleta concert at BYU-Idaho.




David Osmond was the opener. He was pretty good.



Then the main attraction…





I was pretty impressed with the kid. He didn’t seem wrapped in himself, nor his fame-dom. He is just thankful that God gave him a talent that he can share with others. I am glad that there are some “idols” out there that live good lives that youth can look up to. He was seen earlier that day at the temple and he ended the concert with his testimony and singing Be Still My Soul. It was a sweet concert and I am glad I went.

Other weekend happenings:

Dinah’s dance concert.


Benjamin and I know how to enjoy a long dance concert. It’s called Toy Story 2 on the IPOD. =)

***I saw Toy Story 3 with Cori, Jake, Benjamin, and Caleb.


We laughed, we cried, we had a great time. Pixar and Disney did it again. It is a great show.

***Back by popular demand. My family put on a small variety show and Alta Ridge.





Thursday, June 17, 2010

believe in good things to come

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mango salsa

This sweet goodness is a must try.

2 ripe mangoes (I used the champange mangos)
2 apples (Braeburn, golden delious, or Cameo are a good choice)
1 small sweet onion (I'm not a huge onion fan. So I only use half.)
2 limes
2 tablespoons fresh cilantro (I love this so I add more.)
Enjoy and share!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

week 4: begin today

Something that I have always talked about doing, but have never actually begun the process, is a marathon. What’s been the hold up? The training. Although I trust my body to have the stamina to take me 26.2 miles by some means—running, jogging, walking, trudging, crawling—I want to do it right. And that would require committed, planned training. The part I have never been able to talk myself into doing for fear I wouldn't be able to stick to it.

Well, my cousin started talking about doing a marathon in September. And since it has been something I have wanted to do, and not being one who likes to be out done by my cousin, (It goes both ways.) I have decided to bite the bullet, grab the bull by the horns, go for it, face up to, grasp the nettle, take the plunge, face the music, take the initiative, throw caution to the wind, commit and start training. I began today. Six miles—done. I didn’t even use my excuse of needing new shoes.

September 11th is the day. The Little Grand Canyon Marathon.The training schedule I found is for sixteen weeks, and I have fourteen weeks to train. So I am going to have to bump it up a little. But that shouldn't be a problem. Heaven help me.

Bear Lake Marathon Logo

"...we are to “run with patience the race that is set before us” (Heb. 12:1), and it is a marathon, not a dash." --Neal A. Maxwell, “‘Endure It Well’,” Ensign, May 1990, 33

Monday, June 7, 2010

week 3: celebrate free get into parks day in a park

I got wind of a group going to Moab and Arches on Friday and I jumped in. We went down Friday night, camped, and spent Saturday hiking around Arches. Fortunately it was free get into parks day in Utah. It was nearly a hundred degrees. But it was fun and a great little get away trip. God must be a big fan of Utah because He surely filled it with a lot of beauty. And I am so blessed to have to opportunity to live here and enjoy it. Life is beautiful. 

Pictures to come when I get my camera back from a friend.

“Your joy in life depends upon your trust in Heavenly Father and His holy Son, your conviction that their plan of happiness truly can bring you joy. Pondering their doctrine will let you enjoy the beauties of this earth and enrich your relationships with others. It will lead you to the comforting, strengthening experiences that flow from prayer to Father in Heaven and the answers He gives in return.” -Richard G. Scott, Finding Joy in Life, Ensign, May ‘96