Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I bring you glad tidings…

…of little bundles of joy.  Actually just one. Makayla Madge Hintze graced us with her presence. And she is a sweetie. 




Sunday, August 12, 2012

a year later…

…I am finally getting around to posting about Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t not memorable. It was amazing. Another one of those experiences I wasn’t expecting to happen in my life time. I have just taken my time recording this adventure for posterity so that it looks like I go on more adventures than I really do.

So remember when I was here, and here. A year ago I was just getting home from China. Yes, the year has flown by. Too fast.

Well this Asian Adventure ended with a real treat. Hong Kong. Erin, Liz, and I parted decided that the trip would not be complete without a quick jaunt through Hong Kong. I mean, why not? We had traveled all that way. I would be a shame not to stop. And since this is where Erin had served a mission. Our adventure was complete with our own personal tour guide. So when when the rest of our group went home from Beijing. We head to Hong Kong for a week. We rented an apartment that was teeny, tiny but really nice and in a great location. The second we landed it was confirmed Hong Kong was going to be F-U-N!


I was amazed by Hong Kong. The contrast from mainland China was significant. One of the first things I noticed was how clean it was. Seriously, you could eat of the ground in the MTR stations (aka Hong Kong’s subway, metro, tube, trax) And there was hand sanitizer in most public buildings. China isn’t the dirtiest place I’ve been, but after six weeks of living there, there was a stark difference. It was refreshing.



Let the reliving of Hong Kong begin….stay tuned!