Sunday, July 1, 2012

lovin' summer

Summer is here in all it's glory. And I am lovin' it. I've been super excited for summer to come. And now that it is here I've been thoroughly enjoying all the long-anticipated events and activities of the season. Swimming, grilling, summer nights, camping, fireworks, fresh food, bare feet, outdoor concerts, sleeping under the stars, anticipating the Summer Olympics....

Even with all the busyness, activities, and events. I've had this nagging feeling that something was missing. This feeling was almost causing me anxiety. My number one goal is to take advantage of every single summer moment and not miss out on anything. I really did not want to get to the end of summer and think, "oh man, I should have done that." I kept running through my head all my plans and all the many summer possibilities there are to fill the summer moments. Still, I had no idea what I could possibly be missing out on. Last night after someone asked me if I was going on any trips this summer, it hit me. For the first summer in a many years I don't have a major trips planned. It feels a little weird. And a little sad. But really it is o.k. Most of what I've been looking forward to and anticipating this summer is right here at home. And part of the fun of being out of school is I don't have to wait for summer to go on a trip. Nope, I can go anytime. I just have to wait for the vacation days to add up.

Good news. Thanks to my cousin's crazy wedding plans, I will be taking a quick trip to Canada. And since I've never been to Canada it gives me a new place to check off my list. And I would hate for the summer to go by without checking something off my list.

Happy Summer!!!