Friday, June 22, 2012

5 years

I was in a interview a few weeks ago. An interview I felt pretty good about. I was able to express and present myself soundly and eloquently. Something that is always a relief. There was only one question that caught me a little off guard. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I know. Weird. That is the most basic of interview questions and frequently used in interviews. I’ve been asked it before. But that was five years ago and I am no where near where I thought I would be five years from then. And it’s been a while since I have thought about five years from now. I kind of don’t want to think about it. It just sounds old. And I have no idea where I will be five years from now. I know where I would like to be. But the last five years have taught me not to plan on it, just be prepared for anything.

After a moment of feeling tongue-tied I was able to formulate a sincere and profound response. I surprised even myself. I said I hope to be progressing. Whether it is in a career or with a family. I hope to be progressing intellectually, spiritually, socially, and even physically. And then I added. Similar to what I am striving to do now with my life. Progressing. I liked that thought and it was comforting to know I am striving to do now what I hope to be doing five years from now.  

I didn’t get the job. It was close. They were impressed with me but they chose to go with someone internally. It was disappointing. Fortunately, I have a job. And it did feel good to know that I had good interview.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Casa do Senhor

If I could've been anywhere on June 10, 2012, I would've been in Manaus, Brazil participating in this long awaited event.

I am so happy for the people in Manaus, Brazil. They hold a special place in my heart. My first mission companion in the field was from there. She was Amazonian to the core. We worked so hard. I didn't know missionaries were allowed to stop to eat dinner my first transfer because we never did. But we were blessed with so much success. We saw miracles happen. I love her so much .
She gave birth to her first baby last month. A girl. She named her Sarah. :)