Saturday, November 16, 2013

Go, go, joe...

Recently, my brother has been participating in the high school production of Joseph and the technicolor dream coat. Fun show. Great for high school kids. While enjoying it I realized that it has been a while since I read the verses from Genesis. Even has a small child this bible story was a favorite of mine. I don't even know what intrigued me so much. But while watching the show I was reminded of various lessons I've learned through the years from Joseph's journey. Lessons of faith, moral courage, forgiveness, economic planning, and preparation. But the lesson that has stood out to me the most in recent years is the lesson of timing.

God had a plan for Joseph. He needed Joseph to be at specific places, at specific times, for specific purposes. The journey to get there was not without a lot of rough patches and trials. And it took time. A lot of time. That is what really got me thinking. How much time passed from when Joseph's brothers sold him to when they met again in Egypt. 20 years? Maybe more? That is just the reminder I need when I start thinking about my own journey. Sometimes it takes time. A lot of time. And it will probably include a lot of trials and setbacks. But you never know where you will end up. It might be saving the world or at least Egypt as pharaoh's wing man.

You never know how what is happening today will fit into the big picture. Whatever it is. Whenever it is. If you are on God's side striving to be an instrument in His hands. God will use you for specific purposes. Great purposes. I love that. Wherever I end up or go in this life and however long it takes I hope God uses me along the way for His "wise purposes." I hope to serve Him by serving His children. Just like Joe.

Yeah, I really love Joseph's story. I love how I can find applications for any stage of life.