Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dear Amy,

Are you sure you want to come back to Utah? Because I've been thinking about this and I am just not sure what I would do about my chocolate problem if you came back to the US. What's my chocolate problem? I am no longer satisfied by American chocolate. The other day at work I was craving some chocolate and the only thing that I had on hand was a Hersey kiss. Which I used to love by the handful. So I ate this Hersey kiss and I tell it did not satisfy. It was actually disappointing. My little trip to Germany and France has ruined all American chocolate for me. 

There is an advantage to this predicament. I am not tempted in the slightest by the candy bars at the registers. 

But back to the problem, if you come home to the US I am a little worried about my chocolate resource being cutoff. Because if you are there and if I come visit you every other year or so, I can get enough chocolate to last till my next visit. (Yes, I can do that. It is a weird super power I was born with. I still have some chocolate from my October visit. I also have some Cadbury eggs from two Easters ago.)  I've decided that when my European chocolate stash is all gone it must be time to go back to Europe. And if I can't get over there, your mom would probably go some time and could bring some back. Yes, I have thought about this.

OK. Really, having you and your family here would be better than chocolate. But every now and then I wonder "What about the chocolate?"   

​Love you,