Saturday, December 17, 2011

candy cane kisses

So I bought a bag of Hersey’s Candy Cane Kisses today. And yes it was bit of an impromptu purchase. But my reasoning for it was that I realized that there are less than ten days till Christmas Day and I had not eaten any type of Christmas treat. That’s right. No candy canes, truffles, cake bites, ginger bread men, chocolate covered pretzels, or fudge. Not even a Christmas colored M&M. Instead of gaining a few holiday pounds, I’ve actually lost weight.  I decided that it was time to put a stop to this and that I couldn’t waste anymore of this precious season and the yummy delicacies that are only around this time of year. So those Candy Cane Kisses were in my hand with my final purchases as I went to check out. Keep in mind the lack of Christmas sweets was not entirely on purpose. I have had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad  cold/cough/sinus infection or whatever it is for a long time and it has curbed my appetite for nearly everything but water, Lemon Ginger Honey Tea, apple juice, and Café Rio’s Tortilla Soup. After using up an entire box of Kleenexes (the soft kind with lotion) in five days, I have resorted to toilet paper. Lots and lots of toilet paper for the constantly leaking faucet of a nose I have had for the last few weeks. Fortunately my mom likes to buy the cushiony kind that is soft on little bottoms and my nose.

Tonight, I got to go the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert featuring Nathan Dunn and Jane Seymour. It is always a good show. My favorite song was the rendition of Twas the Night Before Christmas. And it never fails to give me goose bumps when they end with the glorious Mack Wilberg arrangement of Angels, from the Realms of Glory.

Oh, I love Christmas and I wish there were more than the nine days left of it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a wonder to behold

It has a history of over 2000 years. It stretches 5,500 miles across a very large country. It was originally separate walls built to protect the northern cities of China. During the Ming Dynasty Emperor Qin Shihuang succeeded in joining the walls together to fend off the invasions from the Huns in the north. It also stood as a symbol of a united China. Since then, it has served as a monument of the Chinese nation throughout history.

Can you say surreal? Yes. You know one of those things it would be amazing to do one day but you never actually believe it will come to pass. That was me. It was a wonder to behold. It was great…



Thursday, November 24, 2011

I’ve got plenty to be thankful for…


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gobble, Gobble!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

so THANKFUL for…


Friday, November 11, 2011

so the 24 hour flu…

…took up residence in my home. And it decided to stick around an entire week. But don’t worry it should be leaving soon, because there is no one left here for it to flatten and  after I’ve drenched everything with Lysol the quarantine should be lifted.

It was nasty and very unpleasant. I didn’t eat for two days which is very discommodious for I dearly love to eat. And while I did spend most of the 24 hours curled up in a fetal position in my bed, being sick did have its advantages.

1. I had one of the more mild bouts. Fortunately,  it hit me just after fast Sunday and before I had eaten breakfast so I had very little in my stomach.

2. I had no employer to call and tell my sorrows to. Then feel guilt for missing what probably would’ve been the most vital day.

3. I was forced to stay in bed with nothing to do but sleep and read. This was pleasurable. I finished two whole adult-size books in two days. I haven’t finished a book in a day in a long time. I have yet to break my graduate school leisure reading habits or lack of leisure reading habits. So finishing two books was seriously fun.

4. I once again appreciate and am so grateful for good health that doesn’t slow me down.

ps. Don’t forget to hug a Veteran and say thank you.

pps. Happy 11.11.11, 11:11:11. (Just for kicks and giggles.)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I’ve been reminiscing about China, Fall has been flying by. The time for football and all things pumpkin.  A time when the house smells like applesauce and God gets fancy with His paint brush and beautiful fall colors. It’s also hunting season. And I’ve been on the hunt. No, not a hunt for what you might think. Unless, you are thinking a fabulous job that pays six digits and gives me six weeks paid vacation a year, then you might be close. Actually, I am on the hunt for a decent little job that will help pay the bills and the student loan, preferably in higher education, because that is where I get my joy. It is true. I love school. And I want to go back. But not as a student. As an administrator.

So that has been life and in the mean time this has been keeping me busy and making me smile.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

once upon a time…

this city was forbidden. But now it is open to all for a small fee. Actually it is a palace, like Versailles or Buckingham, but its 720,000 square meters, 980 buildings, and over 8,700 rooms make it easily mistakable for a small city rather than a palace in the middle of Beijing. After fourteen years of construction the palace was complete in 1420, the Ming Dynasty. It was in use through the Qing Dynasty, 1911. It was home to 24 emperors and not just anyone could enter. It was usually just the emperor, his concubines and advisors. 

You might also recognize the Forbidden City from the Disney movie Mulan. It was home of the emperor, where Mulan came to save China.


Can you see why all the commoners and anyone who wasn’t the emperor were a little PO?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Remember when…

…the nurse put you in my arms (Yes, I was the first to hold you) and I told you when you are my age I’ll be thirty. That was fifteen years ago…and guess what…we’re there.



Happy 15th Birthday Caleb!!!



Happy Birthday Abby!!!!


Twins separated in the pre-existence still share a birthday on earth.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Under no circumstances…

…Should you try this at home. Just leave it to the Peking Acrobats from Beijing to twist and turn themselves in unnatural maneuvers.






They are coming to BYU February 3 & 4.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome to Beijing

In 2008, Beijing welcomed the world for the 2008 Summer Olympics. In preparation for this event the Chinese built all new facilities. The Chinese really know how to host a party and they went all out in order to impress the world.

The Airport


The Bird’s Nest


The Water Cube


The Mascots



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wild Goose Pagoda

This Buddhist pagoda was built in 652 A.D., during the Tang Dynasty in Xi’an. One of the oldest pagodas still standing. I tried to find out why it was called the Wild Goose Pagoda but I couldn’t find a good explanation. I’m sure the goose is a sign of good fortune or strength or something of the like in China. Everything the Chinese build or make has some kind of symbolic meaning.  That is something that makes the Chinese culture so cool.




Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terracotta Soldiers…travel-size…

…for your convenience.

After 28 years of construction, the Mausoleum of Han Yang Ling was finished in 126 B. C. He apparently also liked the idea of terracotta soldiers protecting his kingdom in the hereafter. But he made his clay warriors, maiden and animals travel-size. Maybe they would be easier to take along. These mini figures have been unearthed around the emperor’s tomb, showing vividly the life of the royal families and ordinary people in the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 23 A.D.). These figures are on exhibit where they have lain, undisturbed, for the last 2000+ years. The Hanyangling Museum, in Xi’an, was built over the tomb creating an underground exhibit, that allows us see the tomb and to watch the archeologists do what they do.P1010711P1010714P1010723P1010708P1010712P1010716