Sunday, July 6, 2014

...on top of the world and so close to Heaven

Okay. So the 100 happy days didn't make it very far. Not for a lack of happiness. But just for a lack of photos and remembering to snap shots in the moment. But that is just fine. I don't need photos to prove to world that I am happy.

There are other fruits of happiness. Peace. Health. Energy. Love. Or maybe happiness is a fruit of these things.

Today I was listening to Music and the Spoken Word as I was getting ready for church and the message was on gratitude and happiness. We are happy when we are grateful. And we are grateful when we are happy. You can't have one without the other. I will share more when it is posted. I will need to read or listen to it again to give it justice. They were good words for me to hear today.

Other ramblings: Summer is flying by. I am enjoying every moment of it. At the beginning of the summer I was looking at the mountains to the east and I started thinking about how I look at those mountains every single day and I started to wonder if there was a trail that went up. The only problem was, even though I look at those mountains every single day, I couldn't tell you the names of each of the peaks. So I started to ask people what the names were. Turns out they have names. And there are trails that go up to the top of them. So one of my summer bucket list items became to hike to the top of Mt Olympus. And as luck would have it I had a coworker who planned on doing the same thing. So we went together. It was a great hike. And may have become one of my favorite hikes within spitting distance of my house. Okay, not quite spitting distance. But I couldn't believe how close the trail head was and that I had lived here nearly my entire life and had never done this hike before. Well, now I can say I have done it. It is checked of my bucket list. And I have the pictures to prove it. It was a beautiful hike. A beautiful view. And a fun day. On top of the world and so close to Heaven.

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